Modernize Your Electrical System

Modernize Your Electrical System

Schedule electrical panel replacement services in Bakersfield & Maricopa, CA

An outdated electrical system may be inefficient and dangerous. If you need a 150- or 200-amp electrical panel replacement service in Bakersfield & Maricopa, CA, turn to Advanced Electrical & Controls, Inc.

Of course, we don't stop at electrical panels. You can also trust us to update your:

Solar panels

Reach out to us today to hire a local electrician for your upgrades. And be sure to ask for a free estimate.

Top signs you need a new electrical panel

If your panel is outdated, you may be experiencing issues throughout your electrical system. Consider getting electrical panel replacement services if you notice:

Flickering lights
Discolored outlets
Frequent circuit tripping

Still not sure if you need a replacement? Hire a local electrician today to inspect your electrical panel. We'll let you know what condition your panel is in and if a replacement is necessary.